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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Sunshine Superman

If you've been paying attention at all to the alternative rock scene, you have to have noticed the chicks are prominent and out front. 'Bout fucking time, I say!  I recently came across another band out of Pennsylvania that hooked me right away and I think they'll hook you too.

Sunshine Superman is made up of Valentina Raffealli on piano and vocals, Lewin Barringer on guitars, Gordon Emma on bass and Rob Tait, keeper of the beat on drums.  Together they've created a sound that is new, catchy and very cool.  I've heard a few songs, each one of them diverse, showcasing fucking unbelievable talented songwriting and musicianship.

This band will appeal to fans of many genres including rock, folk, alternative and easy listening.  They have somehow managed to blend many styles together to invent a new, fresh style that can only be labelled as Sunshine Superman.  Here take a listen...this is I Deliver.....


Believe me, their others are just as fucking great and I have a feeling they are destined to have a very long and very successful music career.  I'll be staying tuned into Sunshine Superman and when they hit it big, you can be guaranteed I'll be there to tell you "told you so"............... ; ) 

Visit their website at  While you're there, support the effort and buy their music.  You can also catch their links to twitter, facebook and youtube.


  1. Oh My God! Thank you so much!! This is the sweetest rocking fucking article! We love it!

    1. Beauty and Brains.... damn Sunshine Superman really does have it all ;)