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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The Motorleague

I always get to hear great new tunes when I tune in to 106.9 The Wolf's Fresh Tracks with Mike Lang and this week was no exception.  One particular group that caught my attention are straight from Canada's east coast.

New Brunswick is a friendly and beautiful part of Canada (I know because I've had the chance to visit) and apparently it fucking rocks too.  The Motorleague are a hard rocking punk-influenced band whose high energy sound will have you jumping and headbanging all at the same time.  What I especially love about this band is that they are not your typical cookie cutter rock band.  You can definitely hear their east coast Celtic Folk culture in the undertones of their tunes.

Canada is a huge country ripe full of many cultures and styles.  Music is an expression of emotion of course, but to be real it also has to be an expression of the musicians' environment and The Motorleague are true to their art!  This song is a perfect example...


.....and perhaps every woman needs a Cape Breton man at some point in her life..... ; )

Check out more tunes and videos on their website at ....believe me, it only gets better and better!!


  1. Hey!! CAT!!! Thank you a ton!!! We reeeeaaaaly appreciate this!! (Don...nerd with glasses)

    1. Don... you make being a nerd cool ;) Love your sound! If you're ever on the west coast.....