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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Black Nevada

I need a fucking vacation.  I can't afford it and can't leave work right now but come with me and take a virtual vacation.  Today we're heading over the pond to Shildon/Bishop Auckland situated in the UK. Why you ask?  Well, because that is where Black Nevada is playing!

Black Nevada is a relatively new alternative rock band, formed in January of 2012, but is already building quite a fan base.  It's weird that I've come across them now.  Let me tell you why.  Sunday, I was listening to one of my favorite syndicated radio shows, The Secret History of Rock, hosted by Alan Cross.  This week the subject of interest was the resurgence of punk in the 90's.  I definitely hear that style behind Black Nevada's sound.

The resurgence of punk I speak of happened just after Kurt Cobain's suicide, grunge was on it's way out and making room for a new sound.  Bands like Green Day, The Offspring and Sum 41 were exploding onto the scene.  I won't say Black Nevada is a replica of the bands mentioned, because they're not.  There is a harder edge to their music, yet music fans of the time will undoubtedly recognize the unmistakable undertones of that popular 90's sound.  Here, take a listen.....


Well?  Did I call that fucking right or what?  Anyway, you can hear more from this band by checking out their bandpage on facebook at  To listen to them requires a like...yeah, I know, I fucking hate that too, but let's face it, I've already given you a listen, so if you like their music, give them the fucking like and stop your bitching.  I do and I did........ ; )


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