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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

No Operator

Bad hair day, my ass.  This weekend I was cursed and the powers that be decided to hand me a fucking smack-down.  I spent Friday night doing my taxes....yeah, good times....not.  The government is keeping with its practice of stealing from the poor to feed the rich....god dammit I gotta win the lottery!  If that wasn't bad enough news, thanks to being broke and mother nature (fucking snow), I had to bail on a show I've been looking forward to over a month.

Carry the Storm and Two Years and Counting opened for No Operator at my favorite bar in Nanaimo.  First let me tell you about the's not fancy, it's in a questionable neighborhood and it fucking rocks!  The drinks are reasonable and so far I haven't come across another local venue that supports local artists and kick ass rock and roll more!  So, if you find yourself in Nanaimo, BC on a Saturday night, there's always a good time happening at the Cambie!

I was especially disappointed to miss this show for a number of reasons. First, as stated above, the Cambie is always a good time on a Saturday night.  Second, Carry the Storm is an amazing thrash metal band and I try to make it to as many of their shows as possible.  Third, I haven't had the pleasure of seeing Two Years and Counting perform, though I have checked out their digital album on bandcamp and they fucking rock hard! Finally and possibly most importantly I fucking love No Operator.

No Operator is one of those uber talented rock bands whose audience is often made up of other musicians.  They have garnered the respect and admiration of their peers and let me tell you boys and girls....that's the type of band you want to support!  They are the Velvet Undergrounds of our time and generally ahead of their time.  They know their craft and are not afraid to break new ground.

That being said, No Operator is getting respect from music fans as well.  They are becoming a fast favorite, playing gigs across Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland as well as getting decent airtime on local radio stations.  Here is a taste of why....and again, No Operator is breaking new ground because I rarely share live be honest I find the sound quality usually fucking sucks, but not so in this case.  Please, take a listen to With All Sides by No Operator performed live at the Cambie in March of 2013.....


So there you have it.... and that's just their mellow stuff - when No Operator ramps it up they're a force for reckoning..... and why I'm so fucking pissed I missed this show!   I'm not quite sure who's so fucking pissed at me they felt they needed to curse me, but when I find out, they'll be getting a personal smack-down of their own!  After all, I have been taught it's better to give than to receive.......... ; )

You can find No Operator on facebook at  You'll find all their info and their music there.  If facebook isn't your thing, please take the time to review their music on their bandcamp page at  If you dig it (and I know you will) make sure you buy it!