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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Small Repreive....kinda....

Hey music fans!  I have good news and bad which one do you want first?  Did you say good news?  Too fucking bad....I tend to like to rip the bandaid off so you're getting the bad news first....

The posts in Cat's Litter Box are going to slow down tremendously.  I know, I'll miss your daily dose of new music as brought to you through me by the incredible musical talent from around the world but that brings me to the good news.

I started writing this blog a few years ago because I wanted to write a book.  I couldn't find the discipline to write everyday to make that a reality so I figured in the meantime I would write a blog...y'know, little bits to get me into the habit of writing.  Well, I didn't expect the fucking outstanding response I've since received from all of you!  It blew me away and kept me writing....still partly for me, but more so for you and for the artists I've featured on these pages.

Something happened to me this past weekend (it was a long weekend here in beautiful British Columbia).  I wrote the very first chapter of my very first novel!!! I'm so fucking excited.  It started as just another of my fun erotic stories and it took me over.  The whole story (well most of it) is trapped in my head, longing to be penned, so I want to use as much writing time as possible to set it free. 

I will still post a music post here once a week....I'm thinking Music Monday may be the most fitting day of the week, so please watch for it!  In the meantime, please feel free to check out Chapter 1 of my new erotic thriller in progress.  I've posted in The Cat House here > Hell Hath No Fury

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