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Monday, 3 February 2014

Gentlemen Husbands

Happy fucking Monday.....seems like a contradiction of terms, doesn't it.  Especially for Bronco fans after yesterday's game.  What a slaughtering!  I like horror but that was just way too fucking much....even for me.  Anyway, congratulations played a hell of a game!

Now....I think we Bronco fans need something soothing to lick our wounds to so I'd like to slow it down a little in the Litter Box today.  As much as I love kick ass sexy rock and the fucking hard sounds of Metal, I also enjoy the softer sounds offered by artists such as The Wallflowers, Blue Rodeo and Tom Petty.  This weekend my friend Roy Galpin turned me on to a band out of Cobourg Ontario that is all those artists rolled into one....Gentlemen Husbands.

Gentlemen Husbands take songwriting to the next level and combine it with easy rock rhythms to create a sound that is not only easy to listen to but easy to relate to as well.  Made up of Derrick Ballard - Vocals, Ryan Hutcheson - Guitar, Dan Farrell - Drums and Jed Atkinson - Bass these boys are getting a lot of attention and for very good reason.  Here's a taste and one of my favorites so far, this is Bloodlines from their recently released House of Cards EP......


As stated earlier Bloodlines is just one of my favorites from this band and as they gain even more attention and popularity and are able to release more, I can guarantee that list is going to get very fucking long....... ; )
Visit Gentlemen Husbands on Facebook at for more information about the band and to listen to the EP......I have it on good authority that there's a free song download link there as well!

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