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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The Burning Crows

Mmmmmmm......I'm in the mood!  That's right rockers.....I've found another band that gets me hot and bothered!  The Burning Crows are fucking hot!!  Their brand of kick ass rock and roll is enough to get the heart racing and blood burning AND they are definitely not hard on the eyes either!

Their sound is hard enough that the guys will think they're cool and they're fucking sexy enough that women will want to throw their underwear at them.  That's right....they're bringing sexy back and making it fucking cool to listen too!  It was exactly this back in the days of horny teenageness that turned me on to rock in the first place.  I can pretty much guarantee that any guy that takes his girl to a Burning Crows show is not only gonna enjoy the music, he's also gonna get fucking lucky after the show.....probably in the fucking parking lot!


Based in the UK, The Burning Crows have me wondering if swimming the Atlantic would really be that difficult....hmmmmm, maybe I should try a few laps in the pool first........ ; )

Check out their website at!  They got everything, videos, links, tour dates!

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