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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Aviator Shades at the Cambie

Saturday night  I was so looking forward to going out.  Even my horoscopes were in my favor! The one for Saturday read that if I was single, I probably wouldn't be anymore by the end of the night....hmmmmmm.  And if that weren't interesting enough, the one for the next day read that I was going to be ill, but it would be of my own doing, and went on to describe a hangover.  I figured I was going to have a hell of a night!  Well, I did have a hell of a night, but it wasn't due to meeting Mr. Perfect or getting drunk and laid because neither one of those things happened.  By the way...horoscopes are bullshit.

No, I had a hell of a night because I headed up to Nanaimo to catch some live music.  I had to go really....I had promised Dave Gorman of Aviator Shades from Vancouver that if they ever performed on the island, I'd be in the audience....and well, I'm not one for breaking promises (especially the ones so fucking easy to keep) so I had to be there when they played The Cambie on Saturday. 

The night started off great!  Shortly after I took a seat, I was joined by Oliver Galloway "Ollie", guitar player for No Operator....the band featured in last week's blog! We chatted about some of the things currently happening for No Operator and it sounds like it will be an incredible year for an incredible band.  I also learned they'd be back at the Cambie in April....I will not miss that show come hell or high water....oh fuck....I probably shouldn't have said that (you can probably bet on floods or fire hitting the island in April now).

First to hit the stage was Under the Mountain.  I saw this band for the first time during the finals of November 2013's Battle of the Bands at the Cambie.  They fucking rocked and I was highly impressed.  I wasn't the only one....they impressed the crowd, winning the people's choice, and they impressed the judges, winning the finals and taking home top honors and big prizes.  I was even more impressed Saturday night when they fucking rocked again.  This time my admiration was partly due to poor Steve Plantz (lead singer and guitar player for Under the Mountain), suffering from a killer hangover after celebrating his birthday the night before.  He still fucking killed it...and performed an acoustic cover of Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here that gave me goosebumps.

By the time Aviator Shades hit the stage I was primed and as soon as they started to play, I started to shake my ass.  These guys perform with the high energy their songs deserve and let me tell you, it's contagious.  This is one of my favorite songs by Aviator Shades.  What can I say? It speaks to me.....


I had a chance to speak to lead man Dave Gorman after the god, I love an Irishman.  Dave's been in Canada for a few years, dedicating himself and his efforts to his craft.  All I can say is Ireland's loss is Canada's gain.  Aviator Shades will be back in Nanaimo on May 9th and probably needless to fucking say so will I!  Next time though Dave, if you're gonna steal a kiss, hit the lips and make sure it counts....... ; ) 

Aviator Shades have a few dates scheduled across BC and even into the prairies in April.  Head over to their facebook page at to check out more tunes and tour dates.  Don't forget to hit the "like" button while you're there.

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