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Monday, 17 February 2014

Leona's Sister

Here's to the girl who lives on the hill, she won't rock n roll but her sister will!  Hell yeah!  That rings fucking true for Canadian rockers Leona's Sister.

Based out of Toronto, Ontario, and originally a recording project developed by JT (lead singer and song-writer) in 1988, Leona's Sister would evolve into a band with a recorded EP by 1999.  Unfortunately that same year, JT would suffer an accident that would halt the band for another 11 years.  In 2010, regardless of still suffering with some of symptoms of her injuries, JT decided she needed to let loose the songs she had been writing over the years and revived Leona's Sister.  She's joined by Barb Piatkowski on drums, Barry "Bazman" Twohig on bass, and Deputy Dave Hanson (this guy is fucking funny) and Len O'Sullivan on guitars. 

Their rock n roll style takes us back to the simpler times of rock.  They're not heavy with synths or special effects....and auto tone - well, fuck that.  No....Leona's Sister is about the music....they're all about the lyrics that speak of real life pains and pleasures; they're all about crunchy guitar riffs and timeless rock rhythms.  And just gotta fucking hear JT's vocals! Incredible!


Leona's Sister doesn't need to dress up what they stands strong raw, naked and fucking proud!  Oooo yeah baby!  That is what rock and roll is all about!.....huh, weird.... I suddenly have an incredible urge to dance naked....... ; )

For more information about Leona's Sister visit their webpage at'll also find more videos, music and links there!


  1. Thank you Cat. Hold on to that urge to dance naked until I get there :)
    Love ya Cat.

    1. Too late Baz....but no was fun....I wouldn't mind doing it again ;)

  2. wow thank you so much for the great comments!!!!
    and yep I clean the kittybox daily! and I am proud to do it!

    1. Keep doin what you do doll...the music is so obviously in you and you express it so well! Much love to you and all the band....I love your work.

  3. Great article!!! I never knew this about JT..... A few Canadian bands / singers have been to South Africa, and I haven't been to any of their shows.

    Wish bands like LS could have that opportunity!!

    JT has a voice that the world should hear - much love x