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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Downfall 2012

It's hump day boys and girls, so let's do it fucking HARD!!!! I fucking love it when peeps fucking share kick ass music and The Epic Texan never fucking lets me down when it comes to metal!  In case you haven't noticed, my language gets somewhat more, uh, colorful when I'm excited.  Well, I'm fucking excited and it's all due to Downfall 2012!

Texas fucking rocks hard and now especially Houston where Danny Gil, Boo Rogers and Casey Bowen are fucking kicking it into a whole new fucking gear with their band, Downfall 2012.  They compare with the fucking kick ass metal such as Disturbed, Sevendust, Mudvayne and Hell Yeah....all fucking favorites of mine and now I can add Downfall 2012 to that list.

These boys are getting airplay on traditional radio as well as internet and college radio, deservedly so!  If you haven't fucking heard them yet, well, hold onto something metal heads because their sound is going to fucking blow you the fuck out of your boots.  Turn it up and break that fucking knob right off!


And the ass kicking doesn't stop there!  I've been hanging out at their website at listening to the rest of their stuff and I'm fucking in LOVE!! Well, perhaps love isn't the right word....if my black heart doesn't feel love, at the very least it's fucking deep in lust with Downfall 2012......... ; )

You can help feed the music of Downfall 2012 and support them in their efforts to keep doing what they fucking do best by visiting and donating to their cause at!

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