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Sunday, 18 August 2013


Well, the boys of Gift of Destiny have got me all fucking worked up again.  They've just released their new video for their cover of Bloodstains.

The original song belongs to Agent Orange, a punk band from Orange County and was released on their debut album back in 1979.  Agent Orange was known for their mash of punk and surf, creating a raw yet lively sound that you couldn't help but jump to.  Gift of Destiny has definitely put their own spin of the song, keeping the sound punk, but mashing it with the much harder sounds of heavy metal.  Check it out....


This is only one song of many that I absolutely fucking love by this kick ass band.  You can find their recorded version of this song on their CD, Throttle.  Yeah, of course I own a copy, and you can get yours by visiting their website >

 By the way, Gift of Destiny, I still have that bottle of Tequila.....just sayin........ ; )

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