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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The Community

Wanna hear something cool and funky?  If so, then you have to check out The Community from New Jersey.  I'm fuckin diggin it baby.

These five experienced and talented musicians come together to create a solid sound that's mature, fun and jazzy.  They've infused their expansive and impressive experiences and tastes together to write and perform music that is ripe with Blues, Jazz and Rock tones.  In doing so they've left themselves open to appeal to a wide variety of music lovers.  Their lyrics - I fucking love their lyrics - are lighthearted and witty, overall making the act of just listening to them a good time.

Just take a listen to them below and you'll fucking know exactly what I mean....


You can find tons more information and links on their website at as well as preview more music and check out live videos.  Now....a few words for the boys in the band - I sobered up and I still like you, ha!....and when I'm bad, I'm very, very good....... ; )

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