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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Love and a .38

Well rock and roll fans, brace yourselves for a shot of something fucking powerful!  Love and a .38 is locked and loaded and ready to blow your minds.  This kick ass band will definitely appeal to fans of Motley Crue, Hinder and Three Days Grace with their fun and sexy brand of hard rock.

I have to thank my twitter friend Sidney Peck (@CinemaProfound) for turning me on to Love and a .38.  I've been rocking out to their tunes all day.  I was so impressed that I clicked my way into iTunes to pick up their EP and I can't wait to depart with more of my money to support this kick the fucking door in, get the fuck off the couch and on your fucking feet band!

Not long ago I watched a W5 (Canadian news magazine TV show) segment that spoke about the power of music....that when we hear music that appeals to our own personal taste, we can't help but move.  Well, Love and a .38 appeals to my personal taste because I've been moving, shaking, tapping feet and fingers all fucking day - guess I can skip my workout today. Thanks Love and a .38, you're way more fun than aerobics!

Hailing from Los Angeles they've been gaining fans from all over the world.  They take their business seriously and as an independent band they've been making all the right moves.  As well as writing and performing incredible music they have excelled in using social media to it's full potential - getting their music out there and heard by those who appreciate it most....the fans.  Their fans appreciate their effort, they in turn appreciate their fans and it's showing in their gaining success. Check em out for yourself - here's their official video of Rock'n Lola.....


Doesn't hurt they covered Canadian artist Corey Hart's Sunglasses at Night either....I can like that song again and still be cool!  They can be found all over the web - twitter, facebook, soundcloud, reverbnation, youtube, iTunes and of course their own website (catch all their links from here).  I know this because I happen to be stalking them on all of them.  This is one band that I want to stay on top of - and not just in a dirty way................ ; )


  1. Hey, kitty Cat!

    First off, thank love for the gracious mention about my introduction. So happy that you are now a card-carrying Love and a .38 supporter. They are AWESOME SAUCE in every way. I met them through Twitter a couple of years ago, and not only has their talent impressed me, but their overall professionalism. Great review of a deserving band!

    1. Thank YOU Sid for turning me on to this great band! They've definitely earned my respect and admiration! Keep rockin my friend and I look forward to other recommendations from obviously have great taste ;)

  2. You are most welcome, Cat. There are a few up and coming bands worthy of attention, and Love and a .38 is definitely one of them. I give them a lot of shout outs on Twitter for a reason, they really do rock, and so do you! You can count on that, and thanks for the compliment ❤

  3. Thanks so much doll! Really is a pleasure to have a friend with as much taste and grace as you!