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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Swimming In Gasoline

Well, the boys in Gift of Destiny must be feeling kinky this week because they gave me the threesome I was looking for!  That's right Metal's yet another video from this diverse and fucking kick ass band!

I love that they chose songs to release as videos this week that are all so different from one another, mashing their love for Metal with different styles.  The song your about to view and listen to definitely has a sixties sort of surf feel behind it, blending perfectly with the lyrics and of course the title, Swimming in Gasoline.

One of the things I love about Gift of Destiny....and yeah, I fucking love everything about Gift of the fact their not afraid to get a little political.  They use their talent as a venue to speak their minds and in my opinion that's what creative expression is all about.

The video, though shot without a budget, is as visually powerful as the song itself is audibly. Focusing on the ways we destroy each other as a human race for the almighty dollar and in turn how that affects our home - the world we live in.  Check it out......


This song affects me in so many ways that I'm not fucking sure whether I want to grab a picket sign and go march in protest, or pull on some go-go boots and bounce around the room.  Oh hell, maybe I'll do both...................... ; )

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