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Friday, 16 August 2013

Grey Cup rocks Canada

.......or at least it could!  So, I'm just jotting a quick post asking all my Canadian readers to ensure that Canada rocks out this year at the Grey Cup.

I like to think I have a very good ear for music.  Yeah, I pretty much like everything but there are only a handful of new bands that I absolutely LOVE!  One that stands out from the crowd is One Bad Son.  The first time I heard them, I knew they had IT!  IT being that special something that sets them apart from everyone else.

I just recently learned that this fucking awesome band has a chance to perform for millions of Canadian Football Fans (stadium and television) at this years Grey Cup in November but they need your vote.  You damn well know I'll be voting for them....and yeah, you can vote everyday!

If you haven't heard their stuff, though I'm sure if you're a regular reader you caught my earlier blog about them, here's a sample from their latest album..... 


Right???!!!!  Now go on and vote for them here > .....please........... ; )

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  1. I had forgotten my own rule - keep it positive. I've revised this post accordingly. My apologies go out to anyone the original post offended. Canada rocks through a variety of music styles and genres, so rock on ALL music fans!