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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Screaming Eagles

Well, I've mentioned them in a couple of previous blogs but it's about fucking time I talked exclusively about this hard rocking, soul driving, ass kicking band!  The Screaming Eagles are one of those bands that you listen to for the first time and become an instant fan.

Anyone who appreciates hard rock must absolutely, without a fucking doubt check out the tunes that the Screaming Eagles are blasting out.  One word of advice though.....TURN IT THE FUCK UP!!!! I have to tell rock fans to turn it up.....

I don't have a lot of information about this Belfast band....just that they're relatively new, they're from Belfast, they're made up of Chris Fry on vocals, Adrian McAleenan on guitars, Ryan Lilly on bass and Kyle Cruikshank on drums and they fucking know how to rock!!!!!

Oh yeah....another thing....they've released their debut album From The Flames and it's available for purchase at  I highly recommend clicking the link and purchasing it right now!  But perhaps you're thinking, "Why should I take your word that they rock?  How do I know I'll appreciate it?"  Well, first....when have I ever steered you wrong before when it comes to fucking cool music (especially rock) before?  And second, fucking listen to this, doubter......

Still a doubter? Think anyone can put out one great song? Doesn't prove anything? Fuck's another sample......

These guys are definitely rockin my world.  Their music and style has got me so turned on that I'm thinking perhaps....if they ever come to Canada....they'll give me the opportunity to rock theirs! ....oh shit, there I go using my outside voice again.......... ; )

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