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Monday, 4 November 2013


Okay boys and girls, if you're into Industrial Rock, I have a fucking cool treat for you today in the Litter Box.  Yesterday, I happened to be going through my facebook messages when I came across one from Orlando Draven, the very sexy and very talented front man of Zeistencroix, inviting me to check out their new video for their single Stranger.

I can't fucking stop watching it!  I'm fucking hooked on this band out of Los Angeles, California.  Zeistencroix is made up of Draven on vocals and guitar (Orlando also is the songwriter), Jack Akopan on guitars, and Jean Corredor on bass.  They have drums on the track but no drummer listed as a member, so I have to assume they borrow a drummer for recording and performing.  Added synths and electronics give their sound that industrial groove!  Here, take a listen....


This song affected me on a personal level too.  I found it compelling, sexy and very fucking scary! It's no secret I spend a lot of time online chatting with "Strangers" and one has to consider the consequences of who might be sitting on the other side of the keyboard.  There's a lot of fucking weirdos out there.  I know, because I've chatted with a few of them!  I'm not talking about you though of course........ ; )

I can't fucking wait for Zeistencroix to release more.  Keep up with them with me by checking in on their website at, liking their facebook page at and following them on twitter at

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