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Tuesday, 12 November 2013


I don't know what Timberlake was thinking but I'm thinking NG26 from the UK is bringing sexy back to rock and roll in a big fucking way!  These hard rockers have what it takes and have been making huge waves across the pond.

NG26 is made up of  two sets of brothers who I have to admit have got me a little excited - they are fucking sexy as hell.  And the sexy doesn't end there!  Their brand of  hard rock  is full of edgy riffs and drum rhythms that prove every rock band needs a fucking drummer!  Oh yeah baby....they definitely get my heart (and hips) going!  NG26 are rock and roll personified and they're out to prove it.  Take a listen for yourself....


Currently signed by Holier Than Thou Records they already have an EP (The Devils Kiss) and full album (Open Your Mind) under their belts......hmmmm, I wonder what else they have under their belts......... ; )

I'm not the only one talking about these boys.  Check out other reviews and more music here >

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