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Thursday, 4 July 2013

No Operator can Trace the Sky and Carry the Storm


Wow...what a time for music!  I've had my fill of fucking great music this last little while.  We have greats like Black Sabbath and Eric Clapton releasing new stuff, I've been hearing some great Indie stuff online like Screaming Eagles and Jemile Aka BaghdadBad Boy (two very different styles but man I got to tell you about these guys in more detail!) and then if that isn't fucking enough I caught some great island local live music on June 7!

And it's that show I'm going to tell you about first!  I've traveled off the island to the big city of Vancouver to see shows in the past...and there is no fucking doubt, Vancouver rocks!! But I found out first hand this weekend that Vancouver Island and more specifically Nanaimo fucking rocks too!

On our way to the show our designated driver was telling us about his new favorite band.  It was a band he had caught live the weekend before and as luck would have it, he had the CD!  The Body Politic is a hot new Progressive Metal band out of Nanaimo, BC and they are building quite the fan base.  Any fan of Tool would definitely get off on the vibe that The Body Politic is laying down and vice-versa.   As a matter of fact I asked our designated driver (my friends kid, just turned 19) if he heard the similarities in sound between Tool and The Body Politic.  He asked me who Tool was...... fucking kids!

The show we were on our way to see was at a small club called the Cambie in Nanaimo.  A cool little dive with limited seating and a small stage.  Taking the stage that night were three bands.  These bands, though diverse, all have something in common....members of each group have played with who I was going to see.... Blake Deal.  I was excited to finally hear Blake perform.

Blake Deal - Carry the Storm
Blake's band, Carry the Storm, opened the show with face-melting Deathcore Metal - what my sister-in-law refers to affectionately as kill your mother music.  Blake's demonic vocals led Riley Anderson and Steven Bekker on guitars.  Their fingers flew over their guitar strings, the friction surprisingly not setting their guitars on fire, but definitely alighting something in the souls of the audience! I had five words for Blake after their set.... GET INTO THE FUCKING STUDIO!  He tells me in a couple of months....and when they have something recorded you can bet your ass that I'll be sharing it with all of you!  In the meantime you can find more info and photos by visiting and liking their facebook page at!!!

Trace the Sky hit the stage next and let me tell you, these boys know how to rock.  Their alternative style has a pop punk edge much like what made the Offspring and Green Day so popular.  Liam Glaim has come out from behind the drums (used to play drums in a band he shared with Blake) to come out front with the two Matts (Harder and Gladman) to play guitar and sing.  They definitely had the crowd jumpin!  Here's just a sample of what we heard......

Check out Trace the Sky on facebook to listen to more -

Headlining the show was another fucking awesome band from Nanaimo!  No Operator has a hard rock sound that definitely appealed to this hard rocker!  And wouldn't you know it....Oliver Galloway (Ollie) - guitar and vocals - used to play in a band with Blake as well!  Either Blake really gets around or Nanaimo is a small town.... well maybe a little of both, hahaha!  Anyway... these guys are really making waves on our island.  Take a listen to the lighter side of No Operator and you'll understand why!

Visit No Operator on facebook to learn more about this up and coming band -

Needless to say, I had an fucking great time!  What more could a girl want than hot bands on a hot summer night........ ; )


  1. Great recount of the evening!! Check out the Cambie Nanaimo for great shows EVERY WEEKEND!! and if you like Metal you'll want to be there on July 25th!! If you have any questions about our upcoming shows hit me up

    1. Thanks Amber! It was a rockin night! The first of many I'm sure, now that I know about the Cambie!