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Saturday, 20 July 2013

The Shores Have Been Rocked

Last weekend I was mostly out of touch....the reason for this is because my ass was getting fucking rocked off in Victoria!  The second annual Rock The Shores event was held over two days with 12 bands performing.  There were established bands (many I'm sure you've heard of) such as Sam Roberts Band, 54-40, The Sheepdogs, City and Colour, Matthew Good, Jimmy Eat World and Weezer, up and comers including Awolnation, Reignwolf, and Mother Mother as well as some local talent just starting to get some recognition - Vince Vacarro and Acres of Lions.

When I first heard advertisements for Rock the Shores over the radio, I thought....hmmm, I should go to that.  In the past I've seen live performances by Sam Roberts Band, 54-40, City and Colour and Matthew Good and knew that these guys knew how to fucking rock.  But what sold me on the tickets...what made me run to the computer to buy was hearing that Awolnation and Mother Mother would be performing!  Both these bands were introduced to me by my kids....each one an instance of "Hey mom, you gotta hear this," and they were right!  I fell in love with both these bands due to their original style of modern rock.  Here.....this is fucking why......



The biggest surprises of the weekend came for me with the opening on Sunday.  I had never heard of Reignwolf before and I was fucking blown away!!!! This guy fucking rocks!!! I have no doubt if you cut him, he would bleed music!  Everyone of the artists that performed throughout the weekend fucking rocked but it was Reignwolf who stole the show. This is why.....


You see what I fucking mean?  I am so fucking glad I went to this show!  There's nothing better than hot music on hot summer days, so get out there...there are summer festivals happening all over the fucking world! Enjoy the sunshine, the tunes, the sites, the smells and rock the fuck on........ ; )

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