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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Baby, You Can Ring My Bell

I like to flirt.  It's fun. It makes me laugh and it gets me hot.  I especially like to flirt with sweet men who are clever, have a sense of humor and a dirty mind.  The best is when you don't actually come right out and say anything naughty, just imply it through innuendo.  I found I can play this fun filled game online with a number of sweet, humorous, dirty minded men. It's fun, it's harmless and the greatest part about playing online is, if there happens to be a Mrs. SweetCleverFunnyMan I can honestly say, "I never fucking touched him."
One of my favorites to play this game with is Paul Quigley. To twitter followers he is known as @HellsBelles_UK and is the front man for the band HellsBelles.  At this very moment I can hear stoners all across North America saying, "No way man, that chick's a dude?"  No I am not talking about the all chick AC/DC cover band.  I'm speaking of the Hell's Belles that rocked the United Kingdom in the 80's and was resurrected by Paul as HellsBelles in 2004. So, not only is he sweet, clever and humorous, he's a musician as well!  And anybody who knows anything about me knows that's only fuel for the fire! ....hehehe.
Now I could go on and talk about how fun Paul is to match wits with online but I want to let you know all about his band.  Hell's Belles was known as a cutting edge and powerful metal band in 1986, singles from their only album making it onto many rock compilation albums.  The band originally consisted of
  • Paul Quigley - vocals
  • Peter "Pooch" Purtill - guitar
  • Garry Maloney - drums
  • Gareth Holder - bass
At the time their sound was very new, mixing heavy metal with punk...their punk influence coming from Pooch and Garry Maloney, both former members of British hardcore punk band Discharge.  This genre would shortly thereafter expand to include heavy hitters such as Metallica.  Garry Maloney was replaced shortly after the bands inception by drummer Anthony 'Spiv' Smith, opting to return to his former band.  Although Hell's Belles were seeing some success, the band dissolved in 1987.
Paul missed rock n roll but didn't miss the fucking bullshit that comes with dealing with record labels.  When he decided to bring the band back to life, he also decided he would forgo the bullshit and promote their music himself.  Working as an independent the new HellsBelles has spent the last 5 years writing, recording and promoting themselves online through social media such as youtube, facebook and twitter.  The new HellsBelles, once again led by Paul consists of
  • Paul Quigley - vocals, guitars, keyboards
  • Ste Steadman - bass, cello, guitar
  • Barry Titler - drums, percussion
Using the same formula as the original band, in fact using the original rock n roll music formula of there aren't any fucking rules in rock n roll, anything goes, the new HellsBelles blend their influences together to create a new beast.  Let's face it...they have a fucking many metal/hard rock bands have a fucking cello?  You can check out the two songs HellsBelles has released for promotional promotional purposes while they continue to record their album.  (Why did they kill) Joe Hill is a perfect example of breaking the rules.  This acoustic ballad easily crosses over into easy listening and country.

Then hold on to your hats boys and girls because Abysinnian Demesne is full on hard rock, yeah baby!

The boys are in the studio now, recording and are set to release their third track Troubled Times in April 2012.  Then the ball starts rolling quickly...or the rolling stone, whichever metaphor works better for you...with the release of their EP  (3 or 4 tracks) due in May 2012 and a full album release slotted for June or July 2012!
I personally can't wait to hear what else HellsBelles has in store for us.  In the meantime though, I will continue my online discussions with Paul concerning the Keyboard Killer and Frothy Creamy Coffee and wait for their Tour Bus to show up for their North American Tour......; )

More information on HellsBelles here:
HellsBelles official website


  1. HA! I love that you are a music head, as am I! Have enjoyed your tweets and now will follow your blog and your engaging style of writing. Great post.

    1. Thank you Amalie!! You are awesome girl!! Thanks for reading!