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Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Gift I Want Most

The hardest blogs for me to write are the ones about the people I love the most.  No words seem sufficient enough to describe their awesomeness.  This is the second blog I've agonized over for a group of guys that I absolutely love!  Beside the fact that I have a huge crush on every fucking member of the band....I can't get enough of their music either.  The band is Gift of Destiny and the music is Metal, Punk, Hard Rock and now Funk....hell yeah, that's right baby, Gift of Destiny got da Funk!! 
I first heard of Gift of Destiny late last summer....I was creeping their website, and discovered a free download of Raise Some Hell - a single off their first album Throttle...hey wait....I wrote all this before...if you don't know Gift of Destiny or how much I fucking loved their first album please refer to my earlier blog  Oh My G.O.D. 
Gift of Destiny consists of Los - Vocals, Mikey - Guitars, Keyboards and Backing Vocals, B-Low - Bass and Jake - Drums and Backing Vocals.  I have nothing but the utmost admiration and respect for these guys musically!  They fucking rocked my world with their first album and now hmmm mmmm, they have released the Wednesday Sessions, 3 new songs that turn me on just as much!
Gift of Destiny is the kind of band that can appeal to almost everybody.  As mentioned above, they blend a number of different styles into a sound that is uniquely their own.  They are always going to be surrounded by women.  From my own point of view, they have an exciting sound that touches the most primal senses in me.  And I don't mean that tweenie "I wish he would kiss me" kinda feeling....seriously, every time I listen to them, I want to fuck someone.   I'm not talkin "Oooo baby, make love to me" either...I mean "Fuck baby, strip me down, pin me against the wall and take me!"
The hard driving rock of CIA is a perfect example of that....those beats, Jake...damn darlin, such energy! and in perfect rhythm!  Makes me wonder if that talent extends into other uh, more interactive activities!  Sing to me, Carlos, hmm mmm, I love the way your voice feels as it moves over me!  Very hot baby!  Oh, and then there's the guitar....oh my G.O.D!  Mikey, please baby...for just one night I want you to pretend I'm your guitar....ahem.....okay, maybe I shouldn't be listening as I write.  I don't know what it is about politically charged songs that turn me on so much....
Their sound will also appeal to young men.  Carlos has possession of rough heavy growling vocals that are  right in line with today's heavy metal style.  The Punk/Metal of This Is The Time is perfect for the mosh pit!  And the lyrics are just the right combination of angry and depressing to be appreciated by young males aged 15 - 30.  Having sons with whom this style of music does appeal to, I've developed an appreciation for it myself.  Good job, Gift of Destiny!
Well, I said they appeal to all kinds of rock and metal fans, so let's not leave out those who prefer the classics.  And yeah, I fall into that group as well.  I can't tell you how fucking excited I get when I hear these guys put their spin on Play that Funky Music.  Staying true to the original sound and rhythm....yeah, they kept the funk!!.....yet putting that metal Gift of Destiny stamp on it that makes it their song.  I seriously can't listen to this song and write at the same time.  When I hear it, I have to get up and dance...or boogie.....either way, I gotta move!
The boys are releasing these small sets of songs as they go...another one of the difficulties of being a small independent artist...recording time costs money.  So help them make more music by purchasing the music they have out there.  I urge you to buy Throttle and these 3 Wednesday Sessions songs they have just released.  Metal chicks...they'll fucking turn you on, I swear!  Metal'll love the fucking energy and vocals, really!  Rock fans...driving beats and fucking killer riffs...need I say more?  And for those to whom it doesn't appeal to at all...if you and I are on a date and you put on some Gift of Destiny, chances just increased ten fold that you are getting laid! 
Music and musicians do turn me on.  Gift of Destiny, the music and the men, do more than that for me.  They take me there...again...and again.........; )

Here's their links:
Gift of Destiny official website
Gift of Destiny on myspace
Gift of Destiny on reverbnation
Buy Throttle on cd baby
Buy Throttle and Wednesday Sessions on iTunes
Gift of Destiny on twitter
Gift of Destiny on facebook


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  2. Absolutely LOVE this band! So much that I bought Throttle from iTunes AND a hard copy too LOL!! And Wednesday Sessions does add the FUNK!!! Who knew G.O.D. could Play That Funky Music....WE DID!! \\M//

    1. Yes we did, Diva!! Well actually no, it came as a surprise to me....but what a fucking awesome surprise it was!! Rock on Gift of Destiny!! And thanks for reading doll! you rock too!!