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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Support Kick Ass Music

Hi Everyone...It's Saturday, and Saturday is when I'm supposed to have a new blog post here!  Guess what?  I'm still fucking working on it!  So hopefully within a day or two I will have an awesome review done for some very good friends who happen to fucking rock my world!!
Feel free to take this opportunity to look over some of my archives....really good stuff in there.  Take your time and be sure to check out all the links I left for you throughout these articles.  Or......
Check out the review I posted at Support Kick Ass MusicCupla is a new rockin alternative rock band out of Vancouver, BC and I fucking love them! Follow the link and find out how much.  There are a lot of great articles, videos and links at Support Kick Ass Music too, so browse around, check them out!
Have fun, take care and don't forget to drop back for that fucking awesome review that I will have posted soon.......; )

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