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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Under the Influence on the Road

I live rurally.  This means when I need to stock up on groceries and other household necessities it is a 45 minute drive into the city (Lethbridge, AB).  As it happened, this weekend I had a couple of the loves of my life along for the ride.  My 18 year old twin sons.  One of the boys had band practice in the city as well, so instead of using two vehicles we rode in together.  His brother decided to come along for the ride and help me with the groceries.  I love it when my kids come along for the ride. Each taking turns in the front seat - one on the way there, his brother on the way back - whoever is riding in front will plug his mp3 into the car stereo and I get a taste of what he's currently listening to.
I was so impressed by their playlists that I just have to share some of it with you.  Marco called shotgun first.  Let me tell you about Marco.  He's a fucking incredible guitar player for his Deathcore band, Reborn Extinction.  Despite the fact that Deathcore is the only genre of music Marco is currently playing himself, his musical interests and influences are very diverse and his playlists never cease to surprise and please me.  He has exposed me to so much music I otherwise would not have heard.  The following is the playlist he chose on this day...
The first song he played was Manchester Orchestra - I Can Feel a Hot One.  Take a listen

The second song to come over the speakers is not only one of my kids favorites but one of my personal favorites as well.  I was groovin and singing along with Krizz Kaliko Misunderstood

And no shit, the third song was Mother Mother Wisdom.  I don't think most would expect a Deathcore artist to enjoy this.  Mother Mother is one of Marco's bands, take a listen....

No Deathcore artist's playlist would be complete without some Death Metal.  I was fucking delighted by this cover of Pink Floyd's Us and Them by Misery Signal.  Keep in mind that it is Death Metal, so when you listen, expect Death Metal...only different from the regular Death Metal....I fucking love it!

In addition to the songs above, Marco's playlist included Straylight Run, Hands in the Sky; TV on the Radio, DLZ; Under the Influence of Giants. Against All Odds; Immortal Techniques, Bin Laden; Will Smith, Wild Wild West and more. On the way home, we listened to Moe's's just as fucking incredible...I'll tell you all about Moe and share his playlist with you another time. 
The times I've had alone with any of my 4 sons were mostly used to share our biggest common interest - music.  No matter what their age at the time, we've always had something to talk to each other about.  I'm coming to realize that these moments alone together are becoming fewer and fewer as my babies are now young men.  I truly appreciate the influence they have been on me.  Jeff. Justin, Marco and Moe, I love you guys!  You fucking rock............; )

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