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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Metal Works!

Okay Metal-heads, this post is for you!  I've mentioned before that I get off on all kinds of fucking music...rock, blues, rap, alternative, and of course metal.   And one of the things I can say about metal musicians is they are the nicest fucking people in the world.  I wonder if it's because all their aggression is outsourced through their music.

Metal is hard hitting, aggressive in your face music and I love it.  When I am down or angry, nothing picks me up like metal music.  You have probably heard of some of my favorite metal artists including Metallica, Hell Yeah, Mudvayne, Slip Knot and if you've been paying any attention at all, you also know about Gift of Destiny!

Now I would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to a new favorite.

Killed the Fixtion is a metal band from New Jersey and these guys know how to fucking RAWK!  I fucking love them!  The band consists of  Nelson Ceron, front man with kickass vocals, Kevin Izquierdo, who kills it on guitar, Robert Asencio on bass - I fucking want to see you play man, fuck! And I'll tell you what - Abbad Ibn Townsend's drums know who's fucking boss!

I can't be still when I listen to their music. Their song Pulse is an energetic mix of heavy metal and hard rock.  Nelson's vocals are fucking incredible! I don't know whether to fucking headbang or jump. So I do both!   Seems a shame my chiropractor is making all the money though.... KTF - investment option?  
Crank takes you straight into their punk influences and showcases Kevin's and Abbad's musical talent on guitar and drums.  Yeah, I'm fucking jumping again! My chiropractor - "cha ching!"
Shades of Limit and we are back into old school metal...that's right, I hear those Metallica and Black Sabbath influences! Headbanging! My chiropractor - "going to Hawaii!!"

I think it's awesome that these guys know older music...much of which is older than them, I'm sure...hell they know Barry White!  And Barry White is fucking sexy man! And now that we are on the subject of sexy....nice segue, don't you think?...these boys are hot! Ah, I know what you're thinking....what a perv, right?  Hey...just because I'm a few years older doesn't mean I can't enjoy the scenery fuck off.

As with any band I get excited about, I wanted to learn more about Killed the Fixtion.  I read some of their music served as the very outlet of aggression that I spoke of earlier.  That by focusing on their music it led them away from the street gangs and the trouble that would have followed.  They chose positive over negative, creativity over destruction.  I admire that.  Too many young people today are thinking it's cool to be gangsta, and that saddens me....yeah, that's right, I said gangsta, get over it.

I am so fucking impressed when bands find the right brothers work with and Killed the Fixtion is definitely one of those bands.  Drawing from a number of styles and influences they have a cohesive relationship that allows them to bring it all together and cook up something fucking incredible.  Metal Punk Rock Stew...fuck yeah! I'll have another bowl of that!.........; )

Don't take my word for it...check 'em out yourself:
Killed the Fixtion on facebook 
Killed the Fixtion on myspace 
@KTFNJ on twitter 

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