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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Give Me the Blues, Baby...

I listen to different kinds of music depending upon my mood or state of mind.  Then there's that music I can listen to no matter what my mood.  I can cry to it, I can laugh to it, I can dance to it and if I'm with the right someone, hehehe, I can strip to it too!  oh yeah baby! 

The music I speak of is blues. The same song, depending upon the mood I'm in can evoke a different reaction from me each time I listen to it.  Regardless of how simple or complicated the music and lyrics in the many styles of blues music it undoubtedly has the same effect on digs into me, drawing out and reflecting back 10 fold any emotion I might be feeling. 

I don't profess to be a blues expert by any means.  Like anything else - if I like it, I turn it up.  Some of my favorites in the genre include BB King, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Colin James, Jeff Healy, Jimi Hendrix and now.....J Edwards!

There are a couple of different approaches to writing music. One approach is to write from the inside looking out, sharing personal experiences for others to relate to.  Another is to write from the outside looking in, observing the world and sharing a perspective from an empathetic point of view.  J Edwards' style of writing is the latter.  This is what he'll tell you on his website, anyway.... J gets into the heart of every subject he writes from and is so sympathetic to his subject that it's really difficult for me to believe that it's not his own personal experience.

J Edwards performs what he describes as Bluecountry and the moment I heard the intro to Ain't Gonna Be Your Dog, I was interested.  Then I heard J Edwards' voice!  Damn, it was made for the blues!  This man has incredible fucking talent.  No, actually that is actually an's apparent when you listen to him that the blues live in his soul.  He wears his music, and his guitar for that matter, so comfortably you know they are as much a part of him as any of his limbs.

When I listen to J Edwards, his music takes over me and I can't help but move my body.  I have yet to hear I song of his that I'm not fucking in love with.  I'm very particular to Eatin' at LuLu's see LuLu has a Cat House, hehehe....

If you like the blues at all...a lot or even a little bit, you have to listen to this artist.  I dare you to tell me you aren't crazy about him.  Hell, I double dare you......... ; )

J Edwards on Reverbnation - listen to his stuff here!
@jedwards004 follow him on twitter
J Edwards website

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