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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sing Your Heart Out

I've always believed that singing frees the soul. Ever since I was a little girl I would sing along to the radio, 8 track, album...whatever...if it was playing, I was singing along.  I remember a school field trip...grade 8...we were heading out of town to a dude ranch to do some riding.  The trip was a couple of hours on the bus and to make the time go easier with a bunch of fucking adolescents, the bus driver had the tunes on....of course I was singing along.  A classmate looked over at me and asked, "Do you know the words to every song?"I realized in that moment, not everybody knew all the words to all the songs.  I felt pretty fucking special.
I was waitressing years the kitchen doing dishes, singing along with the radio...of course...when my boss, who also loves music asked me, "How do you understand the lyrics in every song?"  I simply answered, "I listen to the song and I hear them."  He couldn't quite fathom how I did it, and when we worked together he would often ask as the music played, "What does he say there?"  I would laugh and feed him the lyric.  We had a very good working relationship.
It was a little later in life that I learned through a tutor training class that although its pretty easy for me to learn through all learning methods - visual, kinetic and auditory - that auditory is my strongest learning method...huh, go figure.  No wonder music appeals to me so much and why it seems so easy for me to pick up the lyrics.
One of my most favorite Canadian bands has the kind of music and lyrics I love to sing along to.  The band is The Trews.  These are down home boys that know how to have a good time.  Even their songs about heartbreak,  I Cant Stop Laughing for example, makes you want to party.  I think it must be because this is what most men do when they go through a break - up.  Women get together with their, drink and cry.  Men go out with their friends eat, drink and laugh.  Oh just listen to the song....

Another song by The Trews I can really relate to is I'm Not Ready to Go.  This is because I hate to leave the party while it's still swinging.  My husband was not the same way.  He'd get tired and want to leave...I wasn't ready to go...take a listen.

I have been lucky enough to catch The Trews live 3 times now.  The last time just recently at Average Joe's Sports Bar in Lethbridge Alberta.  They did not disappoint .... as usual.  These guys had the packed joint rockin!  I got so caught up in the excitement that I forgot to take my usual place at the back and ended up right up in front of the stage, clapping and singing along!  Man, it was fucking hot...the music, the band and the temperature! 
They played all my favorites including Sing Your Heart Out, She's So Leaving, Paranoid Freak, Poor Ol' Broken Hearted Me, and many more including the two songs above and this very favorite...Fleeting Trust.

The Lethbridge Fire Department Pipes and Drums joined The Trews for their song Highway of Heroes.  A heartfelt tribute to our fallen Canadian soldiers.  This song brings tears to my eyes every time I hear could it not?  I'm going to share it as well below, because I think in this day and age, where war is prominent in almost every nation, we can all relate to it.

And I must admit the Lethbridge Fire Department Pipes and Drums really know how to rock!  They proved it when the joined The Trews once more to rock AC/DC's It's a Long Way To the Top if You Wanna Rock N Roll!!  It was fucking awesome....and The Trews lead singer Colin MacDonald nailed it so well that I now can't listen to AC/DC without thinking of The Trews!  It was a fucking great show, a great time and I can't wait for them to come back so I can check them out for the fourth time...... ; ) 

Check out more of The Trews and catch their links here

The Poor Young Things from Toronto opened for The Trews and they know how to fucking rock too...I hope to showcase them in a blog soon.  In the meantime you can check them out here 

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  1. Remind me of Slade....always liked Noddy n' the boys....