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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Speaking of sex......

In my last post I touched on the sexuality of music.  Rock is what helped me identify what I was feeling when the first stirrings began.  Let me explain....before rock came into my life as a young teenager, I was feeling at odds with myself.  I was restless, distracted, feeling trapped and held down.  I felt if I could find a way to run faster than my skin I would have done it to break free. 

Rock, with it's steady bass lines, cool guitar riffs and suggestive lyrics helped me name the restlessness within me....holy shit, I was horny!  Don't get me wrong...I was still a very good girl at this time.  I was also very shy and inhibited - I couldn't even look at myself naked in the mirror let alone get naked with someone else!  I knew I wanted to try sex but I had no idea about how to go about getting laid!

At this time in my life, mom was spending all her free time in the bar, my stepfather was a bartender so he was never home and my younger sister - that I was in charge of while mom was in the bar...- was always at one friends or another.  In other words, I had the house to myself.

 It was Saturday afternoon and my best friend and I decided to have a drink of my stepfather's whiskey while we listened to music outside.  The whiskey was straight up because we thought the neighbors would think it was apple juice and the music - April Wine's Stand Back as a matter of fact - was coming from my parents 3' speakers, placed outside the side door facing the know, just in case someone didn't notice us.

We reasoned that we should finish the bottle so my parents wouldn't notice that some of the whiskey was missing.  For the life of me, I still can't find the logic in that plan.  My friend fucked off after 2 shots but I stuck to the plan.  When my stepfather drove around the corner to see me puking on the front lawn, I ran away from home to...get this...'the house across the street'.   I was pretty fucking drunk and couldn't walk a straight line let alone run but he was fat and out of shape so he still couldn't catch me.  I took the long way - around the block...okay 3 blocks...yeah, I got lost...I was drunk...but doubled back through the alley, so my stepfather was never the wiser as to where I ended up.

As luck would have it 'the house across the street' was full of teenage boys - parents were gone for the weekend, they had dope, pills and booze - the party was on.  Let's just say it was that weekend at the tender age of 14 when I learned what effect alcohol had on inhibitions and how easy it was to get boys to fuck me!

Songs such as Boston's Party, Meatloaf's Paradise by the Dashboard Light, Foreigner's Dirty White Boy, and lets not forget Pat Benetar's ode against the sexual double standard Hit Me with Your Best Shot gave me inspiration to explore my sexuality with confidence.

It was the '70's.  Everybody was fucking everybody, swinging and divorce were fashionable for our parents.  The gene pool  I came from was comprised of sluts and addicts, I was a teen with raging was my time!!    I went from being a very good girl to being a very very bad girl in a very very very short time.  I loved sex...I still do, only difference is today I don't have those raging hormones to fight against and I now have the strength be a lot more discriminating.

That being can still ignite a primitive fire in my body, grabbing me by the cunt and making me horny beyond belief.  The music of bands such as Hinder, Saving Abel, Shinedown and the Stereophonics  all turn me on, get me in the mood so to speak...but admittedly the band that has the biggest influence on my sex is Godsmack.  There is something so sexy in their music style/sound/image - whatever - that when I hear it, I just want to throw myself at Sully Erna's feet and beg him to let me suck get the picture.

On retrospect I thought it might be just because of Sully and that I was attracted to him, but no...I'm old school, I hear my music long before I see it and Godsmack as a package, their music, made my panties wet long before I ever saw Sully.  When I did finally see a video, Sully's beauty and sexy body just gave me a very desirable object for my dirty little fantasies. This has earned Sully a place on my 'Bucket List' - you know - the things I want to do most before I die.
In fact he is in the top 3......

Cat's Bucket List

1.  Make or win more than $1,000,000.  Desired outcome - Share the wealth ensuring financial stability for all my loved ones.

2.  Purchase estate big enough to hold entire family.  Desired outcome - Provide a place for loved ones to gather ensuring the strength of the family bond.

3. Rock Sully Erna's world!  Desired outcome - ahhh, aaaahhhhhh, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! ooooooooo Sully :)

4. Get a boob job! Desired outcome - respectable, high, firm C cup
......(I don't want nor need gargantuan tits - I bet it feels just as good to me when my bitty B cup titties get fondled, sucked, and fucked as it would if I was packing a pair of DD's)

and the list goes on..........hmmmm, I wonder if Sully would prefer to be moved down the list a notch?

Speaking of Godsmack....they were my Grand Finale to my "Summer of Rock".  I caught their show in Calgary, August 31, 2011.  I had a blast!!!  That's a great subject for my next post!  Hints of what happened at the show are:
  • Roadies rock
  • Caption on my photo on this page 
  • Had to use all my self control!  
..........; )


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