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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Shotgun Rebellion

What are friends for if they can't turn you on to new things that you're gonna love?  Maybe a girlfriend lets you know about a great sale on shoes, or a buddy tells you how to pirate the blacked-out game.  Well, my friends tend to turn me on to great new music and then I, being the fucking awesome friend I am (as I'm sure you will attest to), share it with you.  That's the case this week, because my friends Red and Jay from the podcast We're Right, You're Wrong turned me on to Shotgun Rebellion and let me make myself clear, I am fucking turned on!!

Shotgun Rebellion has created and named their unique brand of rock and roll as Outlaw Metal!  I fucking love it!  It fits!  Combining elements of Southern Rock, Country, Hard Rock and Metal they have brought it all together to create a sound that's new and retro all at the same fucking time.  Don't believe me?  Check out their newly released video for Roll On....



Nowhere near a one hit wonder, Shotgun Rebellion has become an easy and fast favorite of mine and for good reason.  If you need another reason, maybe you should check out more.  Here, let me make it easy for you...


Comprised of Rick Davis - guitars and vocals, Wes Wallace - lead guitar, Johni Walker - drums, and Jon Parr- Bass, I have definitely found 4 rock n roll outlaws to fucking crush on!  I hear Shotgun Rebellion and I close my eyes and imagine these bad-asses rolling into town on steel steeds, long hair and tattooed,  and not only do I get thirsty for whiskey but also for .....well..... that might be a story for The Cat House...... ; )

You can get their tunes here > iTunes.... best fucking 10 bucks you'll ever spend.  And you can stalk 'em on Twitter, Facebook, ReverbNation and YouTube.  You might even find me hiding in the bushes!

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