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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Rockin Out at Joe's Apartment

April 13, Joe's Apartment in Vancouver was fucking rocking out and I was there!  I have to say I got my moneys worth and more!  Four bands were performing that evening and everyone of them fucking rocked.

The night started with Latenite Automatic.  This Vancouver based band blew me and everyone else in the joint away right from the start.  The lead singer was already reminding me a little of Jim Morrison of The Doors with his voice and stage style but when he started sneaking shots onstage....well, need I say more?  I had the opportunity to talk to a couple of the guys later and discovered they're a revolving/evolving band, jamming with different musicians at different times....great way to keep your sound fresh.  I managed to score one of their CD's and it has already been added to my library of favorites.  Here, check em out, and try and tell me that Jimmy isn't fucking re-incarnated!

Also taking the stage that night were Vancouver's own, The Grand!  Let me tell you, these guys can fucking rock!  Hell, don't take my word for it - watch this live performance of Rebel Son, get a taste of what I got and try to fucking argue with me....

Headlining the night were yet another Vancouver uber talent, Static in the Stars!  These rockers are getting a lot of attention locally and deservedly so.  They've been raising their voices all over the radio waves and that night they fucking had everyone raising their voices AND their hands.  Get up rockers and fucking Raise Your Voice!

But the band I went through the expense and travel for were my boys, October Sky.  They traveled a little further than I did to play Vancouver.  From Montreal Quebec, they've been touring Canada the last couple of weeks, and when I discovered they were going to be this close to me....well, fuck, I couldn't let the opportunity to see them perform live pass me by.

I fucking love these guys!  Their music is original and new.  They've managed to recreate sound in a way that's haunting and addictive.  The only disappointment I had was their set was too short, but of course that wasn't their fault.  I could've rocked out to October Sky the whole night. Here, check out their video for Green and Beautiful from their second album, The Aphotic Season, a great political song reminding us of what we have to lose.....

Their stage presence live is incredible, high energy and great sound! Not to mention they're sexy as hell!  Oh that's right girls....and Karl Raymond, that smokin hot front man is single!!   I was so fucking happy to hear one of my favorite October Sky tunes, Prisoner of Nothing played live.  Being a free spirit and all, I could really relate to this song. Not anymore, because now I'm a fucking prisoner to October Sky.  Next time, boys, I'll bring my handcuffs and really show you what a good little prisoner I can be.  On second thought, you might have to keep me locked up a little longer due to bad behaviour..........; )

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Static in the Stars
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October Sky
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