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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Three Streets to the Wind

What goes around comes around…. at least that’s what they say. I think it’s true.  Take Folk music, a genre that had a great following in the 1960’s.  There seems to be a resurrection of folk music as of late -   only this time around it has a rockin' new edge and attitude.   Bands such as Mumford and Sons, The Dropkick Murphys and Of Monsters and Men are gaining popularity and recognition and deservedly so!  They’ve opened our minds to listening to Alternative Folk and as a result I'm very much enjoying the tunes coming from Canada’s own ultimate table pounding, drinking, sing along at the top of your fucking lungs, partying Alternative Folk/Rock band, Streets of Hastings.

Canada has very strong Celtic roots and let’s face it… we know how to fucking party!  After all, we learned from the best… the Newfies!  They’ve been pounding back beers as hard as they pound on their tables at kitchen parties for ages, listening to Celtic Folk music.  Streets of Hastings have definitely got that party vibe down.  They're a self described drinking band with a rock n roll problem.  Not to mention they do have their own token Newfoundlander.

Streets of Hastings is made up of Phil Alexander on lead vocals and guitar, originally from North Bay Ontario;  Jason Bedard (Trucker),  a Rockland Ontario original on bass guitar and vocals; and Larry Peyton (Peyts), keeper of the beat on drums  and vocals.  Yes…you guess it, Peyts is originally from St. John’s Newfoundland.  Their current home is Rockland Ontario and I’m thinking there’s gotta be party wherever they go!  Let’s all move to Rockland!

These guys are fucking funny!  I love their sense of humor and their love of life and fun shows through in their music, especially in their songs such as 1812 (Proud Canadians), Sea Bag and Kelly Ann.   But that doesn’t mean they can’t be serious and sensitive.  Songs like Comfort No More, Don’t Go Away, and 31(I Ain’t Gonna Make It) show the deeper side of these guys.  Now I've said that they have a that table pounding Celtic sound and that’s true…just listen to Kelly Ann,  Drinkin Like it’s Free and Slainte, but keep listening to Three Streets to the Wind and you’ll discover many music styles including a retro punk sound – Rupture and Faceless being  perfect examples.  And well, they just fucking rock when they cover House of The Rising Sun!

Go ahead, preview their music below....

Not only do I like the music of Streets of Hastings, I like the men that make up this band.  I highly recommend you visit their website at and while you're there definitely check out their personal and band bios!  I guarantee you'll laugh your ass off!  Then, while you're in a really good mood, support this rockin band and buy some of their tunes............. ; )

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