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Saturday, 30 June 2012

The Pulse of Finger Eleven and Gob

Wow! I've been busy!  I've been to a number of really good shows lately....I took in Them Beatles ~ Beatlemania on Tour at the Yates in Lethbridge.  Lethbridge Seniors rocked the block and I of course was there to take in some great local talent...The Chevelles (not to confused with Chevelle); Rex (fuckin A! Can't wait for your album boys); Double Jack (Hot rockers! Congrat's boys on your successful application to open for CCR in July!); Texas Flood (Southern Rock and good ol' boys - one of my favorite combinations) and Hippodrome (9 piece band complete with horns, a hell of a lot of soul and my good friend and one of my favorite men ~ Juran Greene)!  And I have to tell you all about these shows in much more detail but I need to start with the most recent show I took in....Finger Eleven and Gob at Pulse Nightclub and Pub on June 28th!

Nine years ago, I took my twins to their first concert ever. The Roadhouse Bar and Grill turned it's beer taps off so Gob could perform an all ages show.  My boys were nine years old at the time so not only was it their first concert but their first time in the bar!  We were right up front and the guys were great to them!  I remember Theo Goutzinakis being particularly cool, posing for pics and giving the boys guitar picks and stickers.  The Roadhouse Bar and Grill closed and was replaced by Pulse Nightclub and Pub, so when they announced Gob would be playing I had to be there!  Finding out that Finger Eleven would be joining them was like... well it was like winning a TV then finding out it's a 52" plasma with home entertainment center complete with surround sound!  Fucking awesome!

One of the twins, Marco was working late on this night but the other, Moe, joined me for the show.  This show was not an all ages show and beer taps were flowing steadily.  Another amazing coincidence, that Gob would come back to the same venue the year the boys turned 18 and could legally attend the show in the bar!  Gob consists of Tom Thacker (you may know Tom from a little band called Sum 41) Theo Goutzinakis, Gabe Mantle and Steve Fairweather.  They started the show to a packed house and had the joint jumping from their first song to the last!  You may remember this Gob song from the American Wedding soundtrack.....

After a brief break to take down and set up again, Finger Eleven took the stage and I decided to get a closer look from sidestage.   Finger Eleven have released 6 albums and are a very popular rock band in Canada as well as seeing success in the US, placing twice on the US Hot 100 music charts.  They are made up of Scott Anderson, James Black, Rick Jackett, Sean Anderson and Rich Beddoe.  The energy level that was already high from the awesome show that Gob put on jumped up a level as Finger Eleven took to the stage.  They didn't disappoint the audience, playing all their hits Livin in a Dream, Whatever doesn't Kill Me, Paralyzer, One Thing and another one of my favorites Falling On....

It was a great show all around!  I did get a chance to chat with James Black and Sean Anderson of Finger Eleven after the show.  They are currently working on new songs... I have it on good authority that they have about 4 laid down already...and continuing to tour here and there.  If  they happen to come to your town and you get a chance to take in one of their shows...FUCK, GO!!!  You won't be disappointed!

I'd also like to give a big fucking shout out to Pulse Nightclub and Pub for bringing such an awesome show to our backwater town.  Your staff are unbelievably nice and professional.  And also to Rock 106 and Wing King for helping to sponsor said awesome show!! Rock on!  By the way, Moe has told me he will not be accompanying me to any more shows...apparently too many hot chicks were asking him if I was his date, hahahahahaha............ ; )

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