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Thursday, 17 November 2011


"TURN DOWN THAT NOISE GOD DAMMIT , OR I'LL COME IN THERE AND TURN IT OFF!"  I can still hear my mom bellowing down the hall when I played my stereo too loud when I was a teenager.  That noise was April Wine, Cheap Trick, Meatloaf etc.  I actually laugh out loud when I think if she were still with us, what she would think about the music her grandsons listen to...not to mention play!

Have you fucking listened to what the kids are listening to these days?  Have you heard the bands Lamb of God, Cannibal Corpse, or Whitechapel?  I fucking have.   In fact if you said no and saw the movie Ace Ventura, Pet Detective, you have too.  Jim Carrey's character Ace sang on stage with Cannibal Corpse in one of the scenes.  Many may think Jim/Ace was just making grunting, growling sounds, but he was actually singing the lyrics....who knew he was so talented!

I started listening to these bands through my twin sons a few years ago.  They started music lessons when they were 11 years old.  One wanted to play electric guitar, the other wanted drums.  The twins are the babies of the family, so of course they got what they wanted.  They took to music in a big way, practicing for hours every day.  If only they had dedicated that much time to their school work....

Anyway....they couldn't get enough!  They formed their first band through band lessons at Pruegger's Music in Lethbridge.  Poor Man's Wealth consisted of Marko on guitar, Moe on drums, their best friend Bret on bass and Branden, another talented kid from Lethbridge on guitar.  Mike, their music teacher sang for them.  Their covers included Metallica - Enter Sandman, Led Zepplin - The Ocean and Stone Sour - Through GlassPoor Man's Wealth performed yearly at the student concert as a full band and Marko, Moe and Bret performed for their school as a 3 man instrumental.  By this time, they had started to write their own songs too, albeit without lyrics.

The twins were constantly challenging themselves.  They both learned to play drums, electric guitar, acoustic guitar and both took a few vocal lessons as well.  It wasn't surprising that they would look to, then rise to the challenge of playing Death Metal with it's crazy fast guitar riffs and rapid fire double drumbeats.

I learned to appreciate the difficulty of playing Death Metal by watching my sons play....blurred hands, feet and hair flying as if caught in some weird epileptic seizure.   Although, one of the twins, Moe eventually turned to the more mellow and quieter sounds of acoustics...Marko continued with Metal and is now playing...uh, I mean fucking shredding for a Deathcore band.

Reborn Extinction consists of Rylan Pozdnekoff on vocals, Marko Hennebury on guitar, "Metal"Mat Yeomans on bass/vocals and Jared Gomany on drums.  As of yet they haven't recorded any music, so fans have to take in their live shows to hear them.  Fans got that chance last week when Reborn Extinction performed at the Moose Hall in Lethbridge along with Calgary's Fall City Fall and Edmonton/Vancouver's Deadbeat.

Now, I'll be honest with you.  You normally won't see me at a Deathcore show....unless my kid is playing.  Those kids are fucking crazy...and I'm not talking about the band...though, yeah in all honesty they're pretty fucking crazy too.  When I arrived, Reborn Extinction had just finished setting up.  I walked up to the band...screamed a hello at them - you know, to blend in with the crowd - then got the fuck out of the way before they started playing.  I moved to the side of the hall and perched myself on a table so I would have a clear view of the band and of the mayhem that I knew would ensue as witnessed at previous shows. 

Once the band started playing and Rylan's vocals rose from some hidden demon of hell within him, it didn't take long for the pit to get going.  The music is so fucking hard and aggressive that it isn't surprising that the dancing is as well.  Boys moving across the floor, arms swinging violently from one side to the other making contact with anything or anyone in their path.  Noses, eyes, jaws...doesn't matter.  In fact the recipient is usually quite fucking proud of his/her injuries.  Strutting with pride as if the blood that flows down their faces is proof that they are warriors of the pit!

The one thing I've learned from the years of watching these boys (and some girls) crash into one another is that for as violent as this all looks, these are nice kids that aren't out to hurt anyone.  No, really, I'm serious.  It's expected...if you're in the pit, you're gonna get hurt...duh...but the intention or emotion of the pit is not hateful.  It's not about us against them or me against you in the pit.  It's more like...I'M FUCKING HERE!! FEEL ME!!

During a Reborn Extinction show it's not unusual for "Metal"Mat to put down his bass and join the crowd in the pit....this night was no exception!  Pushing and yelling at the crowd to "get the fuck in the pit, you pussy motherfuckers!"   I tell you...even if you're not into the music, the show in itself is an entertainment that should not be missed!  Well, admittedly grandma and grandpa probably wouldn't appreciate the entertainment value - see first sentence in this post...'nuff said?

Even though I have admitted previously that I would probably not attend a Deathcore show unless my kid was playing, I always enjoy myself at a Reborn Extinction show.  These young men are very talented musicians...and I'm not just saying that because one of them is my kid...really.  I wish I could share their music with you and as soon as they get their shit together and record some, I will.  In the meantime visit their facebook page, they really are sweet ki....uh, I mean, they're fucking badass motherfuckers who will seriously fuck you up if you don't fucking "like" their facebook page.......; )

Reborn Extinction's facebook page

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