Thursday, 13 October 2011

Oh My G.O.D.

When I was a kid, you had one genre of music that you liked and you stuck with it.  In my case it was rock music.  Back in those days if you dared listen to anything else...such as country, or (gasp) disco, your friends would turn their backs on you, you would be stripped of your coolness credibility and publicly shunned.  So you can imagine what a hypocrite I was when at the age of 15, I got pissed off at my mother (who was a country/western fan) because she wouldn't even give the music I listened to a chance.  How dare she judge and call great fucking music (The Rolling Stones, ACDC, April Wine, BTO, Pink Floyd and oh so many more) noise without the benefit of sitting down and actually listening to it!

Hypocrite or not, I was pissed off enough that I swore that when I had kids, I would not judge the music they listened to.  At the very least I would sit down and listen to it with an open mind.  It must have stuck with me, because as my four boys grew (they range in age now from 18 to 26) I most definitely gave the music they liked a listen.  As they were drawn to different kinds of music they shared their interests with me, opening my world to hip hop, rap, punk, metal, and yes even death metal!   I was pleasantly surprised to find that I enjoyed an awful lot it.  I gave my sons exposure to greats like Queen, Neil Young, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendricks, Janis Joplin, Beatles, Led Zepplin, Aerosmith (and oh so many more) and in return they introduced me to The Game, Kid Rock (his early stuff) -fuck, I still "wanna be a cowboy, baaaby", Eminem, Kottonmouth Kings, ICP, Mudvayne, Hell Yeah, Korn, Disturbed, Slipknot (and oh so many more).  In fact the curiosity of my kids actually exposed me to older music as well.  Namely the punk that I had overlooked in my youth because I was too engrossed in my hard rock music to listen to anything else.  Artists such as The Ramones and The Misfits.

Now I'm not putting down any kind of music but I am thankful for one thing...though I probably would have given Britney Spears, Hillary Duff, Mylie Syrus, the Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber a chance had one of my kids been into this kind of pop music, I'm a little fucking happy I didn't have to!

Because I've been able to keep an open mind, I have not yet fallen into the time trap that many of my friends have.  I still seek out new artists to listen to.  Social media sites such as Facebook,  twitter, ReverbNation, myspace etc are great places to find new music.  In fact it was through my twitter account that I first heard about and took a listen to Arizona Punk/Metal band, Gift of Destiny.

I need to apologize in advance...when I get excited I say fuck a lot! Hmmmm.  Excited.  Fuck.  I can't imagine why I would link the two......

Oh My fucking G.O.D....this band is fucking amazing.  I took advantage of their free download "Raise Some Hell" on their website and within the first 10 seconds of listening I was fucking hooked!  I listened to the song a second time and then returned to their webpage to buy the album.  No Fuck.  These guys definitely have a tight sound...and I'm going to assume from the fact that they recorded their debut CD, Throttle, in just 5 days and came out with such a fucking amazing product that the personal chemistry of the band is spot on as well.  

Fuck, I have to tell you about Throttle!  From one song to the next, I was fucking blown away.  In fact, I think I may now be one of Gift of Destiny's biggest fans!   I've only been a fan of Metal for about 4 or 5 years but I've been listening to great music long enough to know fucking talent when I hear it.  Gift of Destiny reeks of musical talent.  I don't know what these boys were doing before they were Gift of Destiny but I'm pretty sure it fucking rocked - because not only do these guys reek of talent, they also reek of experience.

As I listened and fell more in love with these guys by the minute, I was reminded of some of my other favorite artists.  Mudvayne, Hell Yeah, Korn and yes, The Ramones as well.  That being said...Gift of Destiny has a sound and style that belongs to them and to them alone.

Not only are they fucking musically sound, they are fucking lyrically sound as well.  I'm going through some personal shit (probably why I've been drawn to Metal music lately), and I could very much relate to songs such as "The Reason", "Far Away", "You Don't Know Me" and "Waiting".  Want to know what kind of fucking shit I'm going through? the album and listen to the songs...I'll bet you"ll fucking guess!

Regardless of my own pain and anger, listening to Gift of Destiny makes me feel better...happy even.  It's no wonder, boys, that women call your name in their most pleasurable intimate moments....ah, ahh, ahhhh, YES, OH G.O.D., YES!!!!    Los, Mikey, B-Low and Jake...thank you for the music!  I look forward to one day seeing you live...oh, and just to give you fair warning, hehe....I already have the bottle of tequila.....; )

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